SLEEP 1997



Sleep is a voyage into the turbulent nightlife of the unconscious. Each of the ten segments is a fragment of a dream - a disorder of clashing memories, fears, inventions, echoes, that really only make sense in the world of sleep, the world produced by the anxieties and unfinished business of everyday life.

producer/ director  MERILYN FAIRSKYE
post production  JOANNE TILDITCH

produced in association with EMP (Electronic Media Facilities), in association with the Centre for Innovation in the Arts, Academy of the Arts, Queensland University of Technology.

master tapes:  Betacam SP
2-channel video installation
1-channel composite video also available for single-channel screening
10 minutes 30 seconds, colour with stereo sound

shot on location in Brisbane, Australia

Sleep was shot on Digital Video and Beta SP. The Australia Council assisted its post production.

(c) 1997 Merilyn Fairskye